Lisa was a valued volunteer Business Adviser for a group of students taking part inĀ the Young Enterprise Company Programme, where they set up and run a real businessĀ (from Start - Up to Liquidation) over the course of an Academic Year. Taking part in this can be an invaluable experience for the students as it provides … Continue reading Kate Casey – Young Enterprise Manager – Young Enterprise South East UK. Recommendation:


Kate Casey – Young Enterprise Manager – Young Enterprise South East UK. Recommendation:

(July 2012) Lisa has been a pleasure to supervise during her sandwich year. This was because she is extremely hard working and is very willing to learn new things. Lisa now has a good foundational knowledge in risk, security and compliance that would compliment any IT team.

Christopher Brown’s Recommendation:

(Aug 2012) Lisa was in charge of supporting our team in aligning our IT services to quality standards that are specific to the pharma industry. Given the number of team members and systems, I was always pleased by her capacity to follow several projects in parallel, while giving the right level of attention and contribution … Continue reading Stefano Gatto’s Recommendation:

Stefano Gatto’s Recommendation:

(Sept 2012) Lisa was a student intern with Lilly. She was detail-oriented, quick in learning and coming up to speed, and delivered good results during her tenure with us. Besides, she was very delightful to work with, was a good team player, and brought a lively spirit to our team.

Shuguang Wei’s Recommendation:

(June 2013) Lisa showed fantastic ability to aligning our IT services to quality standards, whilst demonstrating unbelievable attention to detail, which proved invaluable in his role. Lisa is very professional, and was a pleasure to work with. I wish him every success in the future, and have no doubt that he will prove a valuable … Continue reading Ricardo Coelho’s Recommendation:

Ricardo Coelho’s Recommendation:

(Jan 2017) Lisa joined the team from the a graduate program. She was assigned to a government account which was very complex and required someone with great determination and motivation to work on the account. Lisa had a steep learning curve which took in her stride, performing to a very high standard. the role also … Continue reading Karen Rogers Recommendation:

Karen Rogers Recommendation: